Let me throw some pants on – and by this I mean to get ready to go.

To put a pair of pants on is to make oneself presentable, to cloak, to become public.
Pants are a lens into the civics of things. Put a pair of pants on it; render it non-vulnerable, polish it, complete its look, protect it, make it able to move quickly.

But also this object which renders things public is the most personal of garments. Pants are those which meet in the middle, oftentimes smashed against one’s crotch. They are a nexus of public and personal space. Pants are a threshold.

Pants Magazine is a publication concerning bifurcated garments, etc., which explores pants and pants-related things, literal and figurative. Once you start thinking about it, most things in the world are related to pants, even tangentially. Pants Mag is designed, edited, and self published sporadically by Kate Johnston Elkan in Los Angeles, CA.